Turkey Breast Boneless Netted BRT

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Turkey - meat recommended by nutritionists

The list of turkey meat benefits is long. Nutritionists praise them for their nutritional value - lean meat and the richness of minerals and vitamins. Chefs appreciate turkey for the fact that it can be used to prepare dishes in countless flavors.

White turkey breast meat is very tasty as long as it is not over-dried during frying or baking. Therefore, it is safer to cut them into not very thin slices.

A good idea ! - Coat a piece of turkey meat seasoned with salt and pepper in flour, egg and breadcrumbs. You can also prepare the breading from crushed crackers mixed with corn flakes. The cutlets prepared in this way are juicy inside and have a crispy crust. You can also prepare chops in a luxurious version. Replace the breadcrumbs with chopped nuts. In order for the meat to be well done inside and the breadcrumbs do not burn, the cutlets should be thin (approx. 4 mm).

Turkey breast can also be served as a stuffed roast, many supporters have the meat marinated in yogurt with spices.

Baked Turkey Breast Boneless on a cutting board with mushrooms


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