Lime Sparkling Water

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Vegan, no-GMO, gluten-free Lime Sparkling Water.

As a lover of both sparkling water and home-brewed tea, I started creating my own combination of the two in my kitchen. Our Teas & Botanicals flavors use delicious infusions of organically caffeinated green and black tea and organic botanicals like zingy ginger and refreshing mint. 

With zero calories, sugar and sodium, this organically flavored Peach Black Tea Sparkling Water has about 30mg of caffeine from organic tea. It is refreshingly light and bubbly, and can be enjoyed right out of the can or with other juices for a brightly flavored fizzy boost.

 carbonated water, organic lime flavor

Vegan, no-GMO, gluten-free Lime Sparkling Wate, Nixie, 12 oz can in the background of limes

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