We take your safety very seriously. Thanks to our unique business model we believe that we are the safest and most hygienic groceries delivery service in California.

  • We don't have a store front so no customers are allowed near our products.
  • We receive products in cases and keep them in these cases, inside of closed fridges until order fulfillment.
  • Nobody touches your products from the moment the producer packages them until they arrive at your home.
  • Our employees wear disposable gloves, face masks, and aprons at all times. They change them for each order or more often.
  • After each order we disinfect all touched surfaces, even though we have been wearing masks and gloves all along.
  • We do not accept returns. If we make mistakes in the order, we deliver new products free of charge but do not accept returns of wrong items- that's our loss.
  • Every employee is subject to compulsory body temperature check.

Thanks to all of these precautions we believe to be the safest option for groceries delivery.

If you have any tips how we could further improve the service, please email us at info@buffalomarket.com