Organic Grocery Delivery in Tulare, California

landscape shot of trees and mountains in Tulare, California

Based in one of California’s food capitals, San Francisco, Buffalo Market is the organic grocery delivery service that keeps quality at the center of everything it does. With a list of delivery locations extending all across California, and more widely all over the US, we bring farm-fresh and 100% natural goods to your door in Long Beach, Redwood City, Visalia, Long Beach, Boulder Creek, Los Angeles, Burbank, and so many other locations. One of our delivery hotspots is the city of Tulare, situated in the San Joaquin Valley and at the heart of Tulare County, positioned in the center of California and 200 miles south of San Francisco. Recognized as one of the world’s most active agricultural counties, Tulare shares the distinction as California’s, and the country’s, largest supplier of milk. Not only that, but the city of Tulare hosts the World Agricultural Exposition each year, renowned as the largest farm equipment show on the planet.


This love for farm-grown natural produce make Tulare one of the prime locations for next-day delivery of the very best organic groceries and beautifully ripe fruits and vegetables the state of California has to offer. Our mission at Buffalo Market is to provide home chefs and restaurant owners in Tulare with the very highest-quality wholesale groceries and food supplies, all at the very best prices combined with the convenience of next-day delivery.

Tulare Restaurant Supply

Sourced direct from independent small-scale farmers across California, our fantastically fresh organic produce is available for sale the moment it comes into season, with every perfectly ripe fruit and beautifully crisp vegetable representing the best of the nation’s vegetable garden. California supplies 90% of all fruit and vegetables grown in the United States and we want to ensure local businesses are set to benefit from, which makes Tulare restaurant supply with Buffalo Market an absolute must for any restauranteurs looking to revolutionize their menus.

 roadside view of sign saying welcome to Tulare

See, we don’t just offer our crisp, delicious natural ingredients for chefs at home but also supply our top-tier restaurant supply for cafés, bistros, burger bars, food trucks and every other kind of eatery you could want. If you’re a restauranteur looking to diversify your larders and entice new demographics of eco-conscious, more adventurous diners, then Buffalo Market is on hand to give you the very best organic restaurant food services the state of California has to offer. And it takes next to no time, as all you need to do is choose what you want from our online inventory of over 2,600 items – giving you some of the very best meat, poultry, seafood, and fresh fruit and veg from California and around the world – and then process what you’ve selected. And that’s really all there is to it, as our technical support team is on hand every step of the way, to ensure your Tulare restaurant supply is properly processed and dispatched as fast as possible. Our next-day delivery is there to ensure you receive the kind of customer service that is unmatched by any other grocery store or wholesale supplier you would find in Tulare, or anywhere else.


But our organic grocery services don’t just deliver to Tulare: Buffalo Market’s next-day delivery operates all across California and the US, in many of the areas surrounding Tulare such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Venice, Sacramento, and far too many others to be listed here. What makes these locations unique, too, is that they accommodate the farming communities we use to supply our goods and ingredients. We want to support local economy in California while giving you the very best the state has to offer.

Tulare Restaurant Wholesale

At Buffalo Market, we have secured our position as the trusted and well-loved choice for organic grocery delivery and restaurant wholesale supplies in the US, thanks to our winning combination of unbeatable prices and unimpeachable quality. What makes Tulare restaurant wholesale the right choice for your business is the high-grade ingredients we provide at the most competitive wholesale prices, which come as the result of the long-standing relationships we nurture with small-scale independent farmers across California. What we dislike as much as artificial flavors and preservatives at Buffalo Market are middlemen, which means you can be sure that every cent that goes into your Tulare restaurant wholesale purchase will be going straight back to the farmer.  


The relationship between Buffalo Market and the organic farmers with whom we have partnered across California means that we are given first taste of the succulently fresh, intensely flavorsome ingredients the moment they come into season. For those of you among the independent restaurant community – or even as the heads of chain fast-food outlets – looking to revolutionize your menu with a better standard of farm-fresh produce, then you would be right to source your restaurant wholesale from Buffalo Market today. Thanks to our next-day delivery, operating all over the US, it really has never been easier to take delivery of the very best fresh produce California can provide.

What is Tulare famous for?

The early 20th century saw a major boom in agricultural farming communities within the Californian Central Valley, and many Portuguese families who came to Tulare County from the Azores Islands, in order to establish farms and dairies, are still present in one form or another today. Many descendants of these original settlers are still to be found within the county’s present-day culture, lending Tulare its reputation for inclusion and community spirit. Many clubs and organizations are visible within Tulare, too, adding a fresh vein of character and diversity to the region, with two notable examples including the LGBT Tulare organization and the Rotary Club.  

 large white water tower in central Tulare, California

Tulare city is also well respected as a pioneer in sustainable living and eco-awareness, which aligns wonderfully with the green ethos of Buffalo Market. In December 2010 the city was awarded an honorable mention by the Sustainability Showcase Awards, as represented by the California Sustainability Alliance. What merited the city such a distinction was the commitment to sustainability it had demonstrated via its residential solar panel investment and citywide business statutes to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Tulare food supply

Our focus at Buffalo Market is to provide food service to all residents of Tulare, and at the best prices that won’t compromise on quality. We know it can be hard to find the time to seek out new suppliers for fresh, organic groceries amidst all the hectic demands of day-to-day life; and those who live far off the beaten track may not be able to enjoy the culinary variety savored by larger metropolitan hubs. But this is where Buffalo Market comes in, as we are just as invested in the physical wellbeing of our customers as we are in the health and state of the planet. No matter where you are in the US, we want you to enjoy a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, with organic food supply that doesn’t cost the earth to get there. As we strive to reduce our carbon footprint using the farm to fork delivery model, we also employ the most skilled delivery drivers to be sure your orders fresh, on time, and beyond expectation.


Beside our standard inventory of everyday goods, such as apples, oranges, bananas, lettuce, celery, and much more beyond, our Tulare food supply services also provide harder-to-source goods, even when they’re out of season. This means an order with Buffalo Market is sure to give you everything you could want, thanks to our ever-expanding and constantly updated range of organic goods and deliciously crisp, aromatic fruits and vegetables. If you’re curious as to where else we deliver - in a list that is just about endless, as it turns out - why not take a look at our California Grocery Delivery locations to see where you can take delivery of farm-fresh food supply today.