Organic Grocery Delivery in Fresno, California

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Based in San Francisco, one of the great food capitals of the country, Buffalo Market is the organic grocery supplier that puts a passion for high-grade, fresh ingredients at the heart of everything it does. We not only provide residents of Fresno with 100% natural organic produce, but delivery nationwide to ensure every American is able to enjoy the very best fruits and vegetables the state of California has to offer. Bringing our top-tier organic food supply to a diverse range of locations, from Burbank, Los Angeles, Boulder Creek, Bakersfield, Visalia, Hanford, and many more besides, Buffalo Market strives to make it easier than ever for home cooks and restaurant chefs to stock their kitchens with the finest ingredients. One of our dispatch hotspots is the city of Fresno, situated in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley and covering 112 square-mile radius as the county seat of Fresno County. Located 170 miles south of Sacramento, it stands as the fifth-most-populous city in California and the most densely populated inland city in the state. Its current number of residents stands at nearly 550,000, enjoying a reputation as one of the major financial hubs of the San Joaquin Valley with much of its income tied to large-scale agricultural trade.


Officially incorporated as city in 1885, the small settlement has observed a continued population growth over the past 130 years, ballooning from 134,000 in 1960 to almost 430,000 in 2000. Having successfully balanced the appeal of small-town Americana with the zeal and activity of its neighboring metropolitan hubs, Fresno is one of the areas for which Buffalo Market is eager to bring its deliciously crisp, colorful organic groceries. Our mission is to ensure all citizens across California can enjoy the freshest, most aromatic organic food supply their home state has to offer, making it as simple as possible to taste the benefits of a healthier and more diverse diet. With unbeatable prices that don’t compromise on quality, we supply kitchens in homes and restaurants across the country with some of the highest-quality wholesale goods to be found anywhere in America’s garden, California.

Fresno Restaurant Supply

When ordering your Fresno restaurant supply with Buffalo Market, you can be sure that every part of our fantastically fresh organic produce has been produced and sourced directly from small-scale independent farmers across California, with every kind of fruit and vegetable being made available the moment it comes into season. Your order of Buffalo Market fruits and vegetables is certain to represent the pinnacle of California organic produce, as all of our goods are available for next-day delivery to ensure they spend as little time as possible in storage warehouses and account for as few food miles as possible. Almost 90% of all produce grown in the US comes straight out of California, yet not every citizen is able to enjoy the fruits of their fecund state. At Buffalo Market, we want to make these outstandingly fresh, market-quality ingredients available for everyone on a regular basis, giving every home chef and restaurant cook the most flavorsome organic food supply on the market. Fresno restaurant supply is the cost-effective delicious service Buffalo Market provides for every chef seeking new ways to revolutionize their menus with bespoke organic goods.


The important thing to remember is that these succulent natural ingredients aren’t just for chefs at home, but our top-tier restaurant supply caters to every variety of professional eatery: seafood restaurants, burger bars, bistros, cafés, food trucks, and so much else that Buffalo Market can offer to enliven your product lineup. Sourcing your Fresno restaurant supply from Buffalo Market guarantees an opportunity to join the wave of dynamic independent restaurants that have capitalized on the surge of interest in organic menus, bringing in a whole new demographic of more eco-conscious and adventurous diners.


What makes taking delivery of your Fresno restaurant supply so easy is the miniscule number of steps involved. All you need to do, in order to open a whole new world of color, aroma, taste and texture within your restaurant, is take a few minutes to search our easy-to-navigate online inventory of more than 2,600 items and select whatever takes your fancy. Once you’ve chosen what you want from the finest meat, poultry, seafood, and fresh fruits and vegetables available in California, simply process your order and wait for it all to arrive the very next day. If you get stuck at any point, our technical support team is on hand to guide you along every step, to help you take delivery of your Fresno restaurant supply without a hitch, offering the  kind of customer service you won’t find at any other organic grocery supplier in the country.


Not only that, but our next-day delivery doesn’t just operate within San Joaquin Valley but in numerous destinations across California and nationwide, notably in the surrounding cities of Sacramento, Venice, San Francisco, Los Angeles and so many other destinations beside. What makes those listed destinations special, though, is that they house the farming communities upon which we rely to keep us stocked year-round with an exemplary grade of 100% natural, gorgeously fresh organic groceries, making every part of your Fresno restaurant supply the very best it can be. Just as much as we love top-quality organic groceries, at Buffalo Market we are just as drive to support independent suppliers and stimulate local economy, at the same time as offering you the most deliciously fresh fruits and vegetables – with every cent of your purchase going back to the farmer.


Fresno Restaurant Wholesale

Buffalo Market’s reputation, as trusted and well-respected provider of restaurant wholesale and organic groceries, is one that has been hard won with hard work and the unbeatable combination of unimpeachably high standards and prices that simply can’t be bested. What makes Fresno restaurant wholesale so special when it comes from Buffalo Market is the vast array of farm-fresh vegetables, herbs, and vegetables on sale year-round at the most astounding prices. The remarkable quality of produce we supply comes courtesy of the valuable, long-standing relationships we enjoy with small-scale independent farmers across California, upon whom we rely to keep us in stock with top-tier organic goods at the very fairest prices, making sure that your purchase of Fresno restaurant wholesale is a stellar combination of cost-effectiveness and high standard of quality.

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Just about the only thing we dislike as much as synthetic food loaded with artificial colors and flavors at Buffalo Market is middlemen, as we trade hand-to-hand with our organic suppliers to ensure that every cent of your purchase will go straight back to the farmer. A direct result of this is that we can rely on a steady influx of outstanding fruits and vegetables from the very best small-scale producers, the moment their goods come into season. We want to give you the opportunity to revitalize your menus and meal plans with the most colorful, intensely flavorsome farm-fresh produce the state of California has to offer – and all precisely when it’s at its most ripe, tender, crisp, vibrant, and juicy. If you’re seeking the most dependable supplier of 100% natural organic goods for your Fresno restaurant supply, Buffalo Market is on hand to offer the perfect fusion of flavor, affordability and impeccable quality control. What makes this deal all the sweeter is that we bulk-buy our goods in order to pass the savings onto you, in our effort to enhance the food supply chain in California and across the US. Utilizing a farm to fork delivery model, that cuts down on food miles and ensures our fresh produce spends as little time as possible in storage facilities and refrigerator units, we are able to provide premium-grade organic grocery supply at the same time as mitigating the impacts of climate change.

What is Fresno famous for?

The largest city of California’s Central Valley offers a wide range of activities to suit every interest, with seven sports stadiums and two arenas hosting a broad variety of sports. For those of a more dramatic inclination, the city of Fresno hosts the annual Woodward Shakespeare Festival in the serene Woodward Park, yet it is hard to forget how well regarded the area is for its agricultural prestige as the most productive region of organic produce manufacture in the state. Visitors arriving in the spring can delight in the floral blooms of Fresno’s 62-mile Blossom Trail, driving or cycling along a route lined nut and fruit trees. The summer seasons sees the evolution of the route into the Fresno County Fruit Trail, bursting with ripe fruits ready for harvest.


The city center of Fresno offers the famed Chaffee Zoo, as well as an eclectic array of family-run independent stores in Fresno’s charming Mural District, esteemed for its density of gallery spaces and artists’ studios. Nightfall sees the flare of the city’s Tower District and its many bustling restaurants and clubs therein, frequently awash with diners, drinkers, and all kinds of social activity.

Fresno food supply

The virtual farmers’ market you can rely on, Buffalo Market ensures every item of its online inventory has been sourced from small-scale local producers across California, offering you Fresno food supply that promise unimpeachable standards of quality control. Serving restaurants, home kitchens, grocery stores, ghost kitchens, and many other kinds of hospitality venue across the country, our organic food supply orders arrive in the early hours of the morning and dispatched just hours later. We quickly assemble your food orders and operate a masterclass in simplicity, efficiency, and a guarantee for freshness that comes from the limited time in which our food supplies are stored in refrigerator units and warehouses.


We know that finding the time to seek out premium-grade groceries and organic food supply – or even knowing where to look in the first place – can be a substantial challenge, especially for those who don’t live in large metropolitan hubs with the infrastructure needed to bring in a diverse range of food supply and more bespoke groceries. But this is where Buffalo Market strives to make its mark, with each and every one of our customers able to enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle afforded by top-tier organic food supply – which won’t cost the earth in getting to you. Where our commitment lies is in bringing you fresh, crisp vegetables and colorful, sweet, succulently ripe fruits without leaving a large carbon footprint behind. Utilizing farm to fork delivery model, which keeps food miles to a minimum to ensure not only freshness of product but lack of carbon emissions, we employ only the most skilled and experienced delivery drivers to guarantee that every order of Fresno food supply arrives on time and beyond expectation.

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Outside of the everyday goods we stock, like your crisp lettuce leaves and tangy tomatoes, citrus fruits, bananas, bell peppers, and far more beside, we also stock a wide array of harder-to-find items that only stay in season for a limited time. Offering you celery, zucchini, olives, a broad array of squash fruits, and just about anything else you could want or need, your order or Fresno food supply with Buffalo Market is sure to satisfy every culinary desire. Our inventory of fabulously crisp, sweet fruits and colorful aromatic vegetables is one that undergoes constant expansion and turnover, with new items added all the time the instant they come into season. No matter if you’re the budding cook at home looking to widen their skillset, or the industry stalwart with over twenty years’ experience under their chef whites, Buffalo Market is on-hand to provide you with the very best organic groceries and wholesale restaurant supply the state of California has to offer. If you want to know where you can take delivery of our premium organic goods in your home town, be sure to take a look at our list of California Grocery Delivery locations and see how you can revolutionize your meal plans today.