Healthy Egg That Tastes Too Good to be True

Free from bad stuff and full of flavor, they’re as organic as all get-out—good for you, the planet, your taste buds and your soul.

Sold out

Sold out


Freshest of the Fresh

Featuring the freshest in our beautiful range of seasonal coffees sourced throughout the year.

High Protein

13g-14g complete protein in every egg.


Only 4g net carbs per egg.

Sweet & Delicious

Tastes just like you remember, only better.

Most loved products

Organic Free Range Happy Eggs have a resume that tends to intimidate regular eggs. They’re Certified USDA Organic. And proud to be American Humane Certified.

These eye-catching blue and brown beauties have a rich, creamy flavor and feature exceptionally deep and delicious amber yolks.

When you crack open these brown beauties you can rest assured they come from farms that are pesticide free and from happy hens that receive no antibiotics.

Words from the soul!

“This is the only breakfast egg you’ll find in my house! No other eggs even come close and all of my kids love it!”


"I don't always eat breakfast. But when I do, I prefer Buffalo Market’s eggs."


Why did we grow up, but our egg didn't?