Try the new Inked Organic breakfast breads for free!

We know that you love Inked Organics- so do we. And they just launched a new line of breakfast breads! Buffalo Market is the first place that has these available. Word. You won't find this bread anywhere else.

To celebrate that, we have a special offer. You can try these breads for free!

Here is how:

1. Purchase Inked Organic Cinna' Seeds or Cinna' Raisins bread (or both!)

2. When you received an tried it, write a review under the product on our page and attach picture to that review

3. Email screenshot of your completed review to

4. We will send you a gift card for the value of your purchase ($4.99 if you purchased one bread, $9.98 if you purchased both kinds)

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.