Truffles: Black and White Truffles

Truffles are amazing treasures that you don't need to be Anthony Bourdain or Julia Child to enjoy.  While truffles are typically considered expensive food, there are ways to get your truffle fix in the United States through avenues such as truffle oil and salt.

The full flavor and aroma is released when black truffle are combined with other foods and often heated or cooked, therefore they are often present in salts and oils used with red meat and poultry, sauces, pates, and other more robust flavored dishes. The flavor and aroma of black truffles is stronger and more earthy than the more delicate flavor of white truffles. Both can be powerful additions to your kitchen.

Black Truffle Oil

Fresh black truffles have a more robust flavor and can be paired with stronger foods, and the same is true for black truffle oil. Add black truffle oil to sauces (after the sauce is cooked and in small quantities), drizzle over hearty meat dishes, wild mushroom ragout, or add a tablespoon or so of black truffle oil to a vinaigrette.

Both black and white truffle oils pair well with mild foods such as pasta, potatoes, risotto, polenta, corn, cheese and eggs. It follows that all of these foods can be enhanced with either black or white truffle oil. Which truffle oil to use is mostly a matter of personal taste preference. Take popcorn for example. Either white or black truffle oil can be used since neither oil will overpower the flavor of the popcorn, and the popcorn won’t overpower the delicate flavor of the white truffle oil. The same follows for mashed potatoes, pizza crust, macaroni and cheese and many other dishes. Vegetables of all types pair well with truffles, and therefore with truffle oil. Here again, depending on the recipe and one’s personal preference for black vs white truffle oil, either type of truffle oil could be used.

Truffle Salt

Capturing the seductive earthy character of Italian black truffles, this specialty salt from Italy will soon become one of your most frequently used ingredients. Its richly nuanced flavor enhances everything from grilled meats and roasted potatoes to scrambled eggs and buttered popcorn

Truffle Hot Sauce 

Enhance the flavor of your next meal with a truffle hot sauce. Add to burgers, fried chicken, for a curious secret ingredient that will impress and entrigue your guests.

Truffle Cream 

Making traditional mash potatoes fancy.   Add to a bechamel sauce and make the a lasagna no one has had before.

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