Fall River Wild Rice

The world’s largest wild rice field actually is on a ranch in Modoc County, Calif., where antelope outnumber people.

In the last quarter-century California’s cultivated wild rice industry has outgrown Minnesota’s to dominate production. Fall River rice  has a romance of its own among the fields, which range from the Sacramento Valley to the many corners of the state.

The smoky, nutty grain is the seed of an aquatic grass, Zizania palustris, only distantly related to regular rice, Oryza sativa. It’s native to the lakes and streams of the Upper Midwest, but more than 90% of the supply now comes from California paddies.

Fall River Wild Rice brings this culinary gem to your pantry. This naturally cultivated wild rice is great in salads, soups and stir-fries. However, it also works well in mixes for pancakes and muffins and even in chocolate and desserts. Fall River’s Fully Cooked Wild Rice is high-protein goodness in seconds.

Fall River Wild Rice is a small grower-owned cooperative in the Fall River Valley, a rural mountain valley nestled between the Cascade and Sierra Nevada ranges.

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