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Writing a Business Plan for Your Fast Food Restaurant
Opening a restaurant is the dream of many food-lovers, yearning to turn their passion for food into a moneymaking enterprise. But in order to get the right amount of investment to put you on your feet, you're going to need a solid business plan outlining every aspect of what you want to do, and exactly how you plan to do it.
Ten Tips for Marketing Your Restaurant on Social Media
Even before the pandemic forced many businesses to close their doors, there was already a marked shift toward online trading and mobile orders. As such, an estimated 11% of all QSR (quick-service restaurant) orders were conducted via smartphone in 2020 - and this is a trend set to continue as the pandemic does.
Marketing Your Restaurant with Instagram
When it comes to marketing your business online, Instagram is the ultimate visual medium – which helps when a picture tells a thousand words. Here are the best marketing strategies you'll need to successfully promote your business on Instagram. 
Restaurant Marketing Trends and Ideas to Try in 2021
There are over a million restaurants in the U.S., so how can you get yours to stand out from the crowd? The past year has seen the emergence of countless online marketing trends, so check out some of these online marketing strategies to keep your business afloat in 2021
The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Restaurant
A potential customer will make the decision on whether to visit your restaurant before they even see it - 'see' in real life, that is - meaning a strong digital marketing strategy can be nearly as important as what’s on your menu and whether or not you have a happy hour.
Ten Tips to Increase Sales In Your Restaurant

The appeal of running your own restaurant is easy to understand: a room full of people brought together over a shared love of good food and good times. Sadly, the reality is that running one can be a very costly venture. To increase sales in your restaurant, you'll need more than just excellent service, but the right marketing to generate interest – and demand.

How to Use Facebook to Maximize Your Restaurant’s Business Potential
Facebook is one of the world’s most frequently visited websites, given its easy-to-use format, lack of membership fees, and platforms for promoting everything from schoolyard bake sales to election campaigns. But it is also a great tool to launch your business – especially anything relating to the hospitality industry.
How to Get Your Restaurant Noticed

With over a million restaurants in the U.S. alone, what can you do to get yours to stand out from the crowd and entice new customers? Getting your restaurant noticed is serious business.