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How to Secure Repeat Customers for Your Restaurant
Ranking among the most favorable reviews and the volume of traffic your online website generates, the most valuable assets of any restaurant will always be the number of familiar faces you can trust to keep coming back. Here's why you need to secure more repeat customers. 
7 Ways to Lower Food Costs in Your Restaurant
40% of all food served in US restaurants ends up in the garbage can, accounting for a problem worth almost $170 bn. Mitigating the amount of food waste in your restaurant is one of the leading ways to keep down the cost of keeping your kitchens stocked, as well as plenty of other handy tips. When it comes to keeping your overhead down and reducing the damage on the environment, here are 7 of the best ways to do it.
Why Restaurants are Serving Eggs with Dark Yolks
Eggs come in all different shapes and sizes - and their yolks come in a variety of shades as well. But why is a darker, richer yolk better for you than a lighter yellow yolk? Well, it all has to do with the health and happiness of the hen that laid it, and here's why.
The Easy Way to Design Your Restaurant Logo
Your logo can represent more than just your product, but your reputation as well. Fortunately, designing an eye-catching, quality restaurant logo doesn’t need to be expensive, and you won’t need to hire a graphic designer to make it for you.
What Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know About COVID Relief Bill
One year after the COVID-19 outbreak was officially recognised as a pandemic, US President Joe Biden has signed the American Rescue Plan into law, with many businesses and restaurants set to benefit from this $1.9 trillion relief fund. Here's everything you need to know about this new financial lifeline. 
10 Great Ideas for Your Restaurant Menu
Whether you're just starting out or if you've been in the business for decades, it always helps to spice up your menu with exciting new items that are sure to entice customers both new and regular. Here are ten menu ideas to revitalise your restaurant.
These 12 Chain Restaurants are Saving the Planet with Plant-Based Menus
Going meat-free isn't just good for your heart, but good for the planet as well. The food industry is one of the most damaging when it comes to climate change, and these are the food services big hitters making the right change to their menus.