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Independent Restaurant Coalition Lead Q&A Web Event, Discussing Future of California Restaurants

In a landmark piece of legislation, President Biden's American Rescue Plan gives almost $30 bn to the fledgling US restaurant industry - but how exactly will those funds affect your business? A virtual Q&A with the Independent Restaurant Coalition gives plenty of insight, and its key points are presented here.

Buffalo Market Supplies Organic Pastured Eggs for Your Restaurant
If you're a restaurant owner looking to get your hands on plenty of high-quality free range eggs – perhaps even as many 180? – then Buffalo Market is on-hand to help you find great products at an even sweeter price. Take a look here for the A-grade eggs we have at competitive wholesale prices.   
New California Bill Requires Fast Food Chains to Disclose Carbon Footprint
Fixed toward fast food chains, the new Climate Corporation Accountability Act aims to curtail the carbon footprint of companies generating more than $1bn of revenue within the state. But the positive impacts on climate change are not just specific to California: they're being made all over the US.