Spend Less, Get More: How to Save by Shopping Like a Restaurant

Based in San Francisco, Buffalo Market reflects the color and dynamism of its surrounding popular. With a love of food that extends to our inventory of 2,600+ items, Buffalo Market offers you the chance buy the same restaurant-quality ingredients you'll in all your local favorites - and all at wholesale prices.


How can I see your product selection?

Because our catalogs are tailored to your delivery location, you’ll need to use the Cheetah App to see what’s fresh and available in your delivery zone. Just download the free Cheetah app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. And it's really as easy that! No obligations or strings attached.


Where do restaurants buy their supplies?

Restaurants are made or broken by their food costs, often buying their food supplies from wholesale distributors that deliver directly to the restaurant. While many of the largest food distributors are corporate dinosaurs, they do nevertheless offer some price savings.
Buffalo Marketing is different: it offers the the same food distributor savings and wholesale pricing, while offering the same level of services as a modern company. All that with just a click of a button and easy satisfaction feedback - what's not to like?

How do you set your prices?

Our mission is to bring you the lowest possible prices, at the same time as remaining competitive with other distributors as well as cash and carry stores. Not only do we compete with traditional suppliers, you can be sure that the price you see is the same price everyone else sees — no negotiations and no contracts required.


Why should I change my current distributor?

The biggest reason for switching to Buffalo Market is that we are 35-70% cheaper than the mainstream distributors and grocery stores. We distribute pretty much the same items, and offer exclusive access to the highest quality at the wholesale price. With everything delivered in our air-tight refrigerated trucks, you can be sure that your ordered produce will be as fresh in your home as it is in our warehouses. 


What's really unique about us is the produce. Here we work with the best California farmers to give you organic, delicious, vine-ripened produce at prices that are far less than conventional.  How? Well, the old system is just broken and we can't wait until it is a thing of the best. Simple as that. Buffalo Market is moving forward and we want you to join us.


Can I have Buffalo Market produce delivered to my home?

Yes! Our model isn't to serve consumers directly, but as part of our transparent pricing. Some small restaurants and grocery stores often by less than a big family, so we want to optimize your spending habits to give you more for less. We want the experience of buying from us to be honest and easy, so check out Buffalo Market for Families to learn how you get the same pricing.  


Restaurant owners appreciate that with just one click, and not a single phone call, they get immediate access to our affordable high-quality catalog. Try it out for yourself to get more organic produce in your diet, in the simplest possible way. 

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