What Is Ghee? It's Clarified Butter and it Cooks as well as it Tastes

Ghee is easily to love. It's got a light smoke point and is shelf-stable. Its flavor is rooted in Indian traditions.

What is this Ghee Butter?

This butter is made from milk solids that have been strained to remove all water. Unlike clarified butter in France, it is not cooked over low heat and has a clean, sweet flavor. It is shelf-stable and has a high smoke point.

What makes Ghee great?

Clarifying butter by taking off water produces a smoke point that's higher than butter's 350o F. This process also removes lactose and casein, making ghee suitable for dairy-sensitive cooks.

Ghee is full of Omega-3s and is believed to be good for the gastrointestinal tract. Its nutty flavor is also known to taste like the famed caramelized goat milk cajeta.

The difference between ghee and butter

Ghee has a higher smoke point, which means it doesn't burn as quickly. This makes it great for sautéing or frying.   Ghee has less acrylamide when heated than other oils. This oil also produces less of the toxic compound.

Because ghee separates fat, it's a better tasting alternative to butter. Also, it's lactose-free, making it ideal for people with sensitive diets.

Ghee has a slightly higher fat content than butter and has a greater number of calories.

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Can you make Ghee using regular butter?

To make ghee at home, begin by simmering a small saucepan of butter until the liquid comes to a simmer. Once the butter is golden brown, remove the water and set aside.

If you’re not ready to make ghee at home, there are plenty of great products available for purchase. Milkio, which is grass-fed organic ghee, is one of our favorites, and it was also featured in our recent issue.  It is deliciously creamy and perfect for a wide variety of high-heat cooking, baking and sautéing options, or direction consumption.  Enjoy it as a spread or add to coffee or other beverages. Our traditional method of ghee making preservers all goodness of New Zealand's organic grass fed milk.

Is ghee more healthy than butter?

Ghee has a slightly higher fat content than butter and has a greater number of calories.

Is ghee healthier than oil?

Instead of using cooking fats, vegetable oil was only invented to replace them. The unnatural processing involved in making vegetable oil led to its downfall.

It is true that artificial antioxidants help in prolonging the shelf life of food, but they can also cause various health issues later in life.

Pure ghee is free of polyunsaturated fats and is a better choice than vegetable oil. It is also full of nutrients that help in digestion.

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What is ghee called in English?

The word ghee comes from Sanskrit: घृत (ghṛta-, IPA: [ɡʱr̩tɐ]) 'clarified butter', from ghṛ- 'to sprinkle'. ‘Clarified Butter’ as the English nomenclature. Several sacred scriptures, including Puranas, have mentioned that the ‘go-ghṛta’ (ghee in Sanskrit) has always been prepared using only cow’s milk. 


Does Ghee taste like butter?
G ee is similar to butter in taste, but with a slightly roasted, nutty, and balanced background note. Milk solids are removed from the product to make it taste more like butter.

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